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I hope you enjoy my website. Here you can find all you need to plan the fishing trip that will exceed your wildest dreams. I wish you tight lines on every trip. I also ask you to visit the product links and take a leisurely look at the many fly-fishing and associated items I have there that you may be interested in.

Boyce and FishI was introduced to fly-fishing by one of my golf buddies who took me to a place on the Colorado River just below Glen Canyon Dam. It is in the northern most part of Arizona; the fishery is just south of the city of Page. This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The Colorado River runs between multicolored sandstone cliffs that rise toward the blue sky some 1500 feet above the crystal clear water.

These cliffs form what is known as Marble Canyon, so named because of the stone colors and their blending. They direct the Colorado River south and west to later enter Marble Canyonthe Grand Canyon. The river drops 2200 feet between Glen Canyon Dam at Lake Powell and Hoover Dam at Lake Mead on the other side of the Grand Canyon, over 275 miles away.

I developed a love of fly-fishing for fish that I knew would be allowed to live and fight again, because the river between the dam and this landing is a catch and release area. However, for those who want to catch and keep their fish, the section of the river below the landing allows you to do so and there are plenty of big rainbows there for the taking.  I have written this e-book about our travels to four rivers that are among the best fly-fishing rivers in the western United States; The Colorado, The San Juan, The Green and The Klamath. San Juan RiverThere are other rivers to fish in the west, but in my opinion, these four are the most beautiful and best producers of all the rivers I have fished. With the information you gain from this e-book, you can travel to, and fish these rivers without the need of a guide, if you so wish. These four are my favorites and I think they will become your favorites as well. To download the e-book now and ...

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The book also covers our “Easy Fly Fishing Trips” to the Bayous of the Deep South below New Orleans, Louisiana to catch redfish, bass, speckled trout and even flounder. I give Grand Isle Surfyou in depth details about our surf fishing for those same speckled trout in the Gulf of Mexico. I have tried to describe the events of our trips in such a manner that when you arrive at any of these locations, you will feel that you have been there before. There are pictures to let you see the surrounding area so you will get the feel for the beauty of each river, bayou and the gulf coastline. To download your copy in pdf format ready to print ...

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These are do-it-yourself fishing trips for people of all skill levels; there are river fishing, bayou and surf fishing trip details, no need for a travel agent either, you get it all from my e-book. When Bayou fishing you can expetct to catch redfish in abundance.You will be linked to lodging facilities and guide services that I have used in the past, in most of the locations, should you want Jean Laffittethem. I also link you to a website that gives all of the airport services in each area. If you plan to travel by private plane, you will have the radio frequencies and current runway conditions, updated daily, along with other vital information. I could list all of the amenities of the lodging facilities and the extent of the services provided by the guides rather than give you these links, but I want you to see the lodges, motels and guide services through their own photos and descriptions of what they have to offer. I think these links will add to your mental vision and help you make your own decision on where you want to stay and which guide, if any, you think will give you the service that best suites your comfort level. What I am telling you is that there are no links here that I haven’t used or that do not come highly recommended to me.

In the event that you will be traveling with an RV, I give you a link to a most remarkable RV Park and Resort Hotel along the way to the best California River I have ever fished for Salmon and Steelhead. The RV Park is complete with a nine-hole golf course and the Resort Hotel, which is across the highway, serves you drinks in the rooftop cocktail lounge and dinner in a dining room that will remind you of something from the nineteen-thirty’s; the lounge even has live music. This is just one more addition to your “Easy Fly Fishing Trips” that you will remember for the rest of your life. The RV Park also serves meals in their dining room. This one experience alone is worth far more than the cost of my book. Get the book in pdf format for the low price of $18 ...

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If you are not traveling by RV and will be driving north from San Francisco, I recommend that you still take advantage of this opportunity on your California “Easy Fly Fishing Trip” and make reservations at this Resort Hotel for a night to remember.

All of our “Easy Fly Fishing Trips” are outstanding in their own way; each and every one of them will satisfy your thirst for adventure and the excitement that comes from the tight line of a fly rod. Like I said, you will be able to do all of this without having to sell the farm. The lodges and guides we recommend offer high quality and great service at a very reasonable price.

There is no hype here; no additional charges, just facts about a lifestyle I have enjoyed, and that I now want to share with others who love the same things. No empty promises; if you go you will know. Download your copy in the print ready pdf file ...

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Ponderosa Images, LLC of Prescott Arizona Has Released a New E-Book on Fly Fishing. (click following link) The Book, by Boyce Davis, is to Help the 26 Million Fly Fishers in the US Plan Trips.

The E-book you need to start planning your ...

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These are fly fishing trips that my friends and I have taken many times and we always enjoyed the relationship with our fishing guide, the other people we met, and the fish we caught. Here I want to share with you all of the information you will need to arrange your trip and give you  some insight into the local conditions that will help you catch more fish and make you feel as though you have been there before on the very first day.

The information we offer here can save you money on travel cost and frustration; it will also help make your fly fishing trips into pleasant memories that will last for a lifetime. If after your first trip to one of our “Easy Fly Fishing Trips” locations, you feel that the information we have given you was not true and helpful to you, E-mail us and tell us why you did not find our information helpful and I will refund you the total amount you paid for the e-book. After 60-days all sales are final.

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