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Local Airport Information
Find all the small airports closest to your destination.

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Is your computer running like a slug? Well I have been down that road a few times myself trying to find Software that will cleanup and speedup my computer. I didn't want to promote something because someone told me how good it is. Like I said, I have already done that a number of times on various programs, but I can tell you now that I bought it and it works great. I have finally found the program that works for me, and you too if you buy it. Once you have downloaded it, you click on the icon that appears on your screen after downloading, then click on Scan Now and next you are ask if you want to fix any errors still remaining, you click Fix/Continue and that’s it, you click to close the session. I had 1778 errors on my computer when I downloaded this program and within less than two minutes the job was done, no more errors and noticeably improved speed; their Defrag program works just as well.

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Betty Davis/Art
If you share in our love of Southwestern and Western Art, you may find subjects here that touch you. The Oil Paintings show Native American peoples and their lifestyles taken from scenes the Artist has experienced while visiting the Southwestern reservations. Other favorites are "Panning for Gold" and "Mountain Man".

Money Saver Menu
Has eating out become to expensive, and wish you could cook at home for a fraction of the cost? Now you can ... by purchasing my money saver menu, you will be able to cook and eat a lunch and dinner entree each day, at home for less than $100.00 a month. The recipes we offer are home proven, in my home, and served to my family and friends. There are no recipes listed here that have not met the taste test, time and again.

Javelina Family Life
Never before viewed scenes of actual Javelina families, in a herd environment. This DVD was filmed in Prescott, which is located in North Central Arizona. Most people have never experienced the scenes presented in this video. Much of the footage is captured during the darkest hours of the night. In order to film at such close proximity, the videographer developed a relationship with this family herd.

Fishing Trip Accommodations


These are fly fishing trips that my friends and I have taken many times and we always enjoyed the relationship with our fishing guide, the other people we met, and the fish we caught. Here I want to share with you all of the information you will need to arrange your trip and give you  some insight into the local conditions that will help you catch more fish and make you feel as though you have been there before on the very first day.

The information we offer here can save you money on travel cost and frustration; it will also help make your fly fishing trips into pleasant memories that will last for a lifetime. If after your first trip to one of our “Easy Fly Fishing Trips” locations, you feel that the information we have given you was not true and helpful to you, E-mail us and tell us why you did not find our information helpful and I will refund you the total amount you paid for the e-book. After 60-days all sales are final.