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E-books on how-to fly fish

Fly Fishing For Beginners Click Here!
You'll find all the information you need to start flyfishing in 'Fly Fishing for Beginners', including getting professional pointers on finding the right stance, and information on the most common casting problems so you can avoid each one! What's more, you'll discover the basic equipment requirements for balancing, successful strategies for night fishing, ways to deal with weather constraints and changing water levels, plus strategies for successful lake selection.

Fly Fishing From Scratch Click Here!
High quality info about fly-fishing is very difficult to find online - this site provides everything a beginner needs to reach an intermediate level.

Fly Fishing Guidebook Click Here!
A Complete Step-By-Step Training Kit Filled With The Latest And Proven Fly Fishing Techniques! If you're interested in fly fishing, here's a resource you won't want to be without… An Amazing New Guide to Learning the Art & Craft of Fly Fishing, and Catching the Big Ones that All Anglers Dream About!

Learn Powerful Fly Fishing Tactics Click Here!
Whether you're a complete beginner, or you just want to improve your fly fishing, I will Fast-Track Your Learning Curve, and if you follow just some of the techniques I'm about to show you, your fly fishing skills will sky-rocket, and you will truly have no option but to succeed.

Complete Guide to Fly Fishing Click Here!
The Complete Guide to Fly Fishing will provide you with everything you need to add an exciting and enriching new dimension to your life. The Complete Guide to Fly Fishing provides you with all of the critical information you need and can put to use to enjoyably transform yourself into a master angler. Imagine the sense of well-being and the opportunities for fun that fly fishing can give you. Unlock the secrets to this beloved past time for only $ 4.95.

Long Lost Fly Fishing Secrets Click Here!
Fly fishing tips and techniques in this resource will have you catching more fish because... "Whether You've Been Fishing Since They Invented Hooks, Or Just Starting Out, You'll Be Amazed At What You Can Still Learn About Fly Fishing From These Two Dead Guys!" This is unlike anything you've seen before. I'm not going to tell you it's like fishing from a barrel, but it's one heck of a way to increase the number of fish you catch the next time you go fly fishing, in less time and with seemingly less effort.

Freshwater Fish Cookbook Click Here!
"Recipes That Will Amaze Your Family and Delight Your Guests!"
If you enjoy eating freshwater fish, this book will show you ways to cook it you likely haven’t thought of. There are over 300 recipes that really are terrific. We know how to cook freshwater fish (and cook it good). Our book focuses exclusively on walleye, pike, bass, trout, catfish, crappie, river caught salmon, perch, and more.

Surf Fishing - The Quick Start Guide Click Here!
Although you might be thinking, “all the water looks the same to me”. Believe it or not when you know what your looking for and how to read the surf, it's incredibly easy to tell where the fish will be. See, what most surf anglers don't realize is, it's so simple if you know the right methods for different situations.

Bill Dance Complete Bass Fishing Click Here!
"Reeling in a Really Big Bass is Truly a THRILL Like No Other! And Now with Bill Dance's Complete Bass Fishing Course You'll learn Bill’s best Techniques that Have Earned him the national Bass Fishing Recognition he has had for Over 35 YEARS!"

Other Fly Fishing Resources Montana Fly Fishing Trips
Fly fishing trips and guide services in Montana.


Fishing Trip Accommodations


These are fly fishing trips that my friends and I have taken many times and we always enjoyed the relationship with our fishing guide, the other people we met, and the fish we caught. Here I want to share with you all of the information you will need to arrange your trip and give you  some insight into the local conditions that will help you catch more fish and make you feel as though you have been there before on the very first day.

The information we offer here can save you money on travel cost and frustration; it will also help make your fly fishing trips into pleasant memories that will last for a lifetime. If after your first trip to one of our “Easy Fly Fishing Trips” locations, you feel that the information we have given you was not true and helpful to you, E-mail us and tell us why you did not find our information helpful and I will refund you the total amount you paid for the e-book. After 60-days all sales are final.